Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Black Legion Lord

So, I'm finally catching up with the rest of the Chaos community and I've painted the Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord. Even though he's not going to be part of my force, I painted him up as Black Legion.

He was fairly simple to paint up. After a Black basecoat, I sprayed Warpfiend Grey onto all the upper areas that would catch the light. I used Warpfiend Grey as it has a touch of purple to it which looks a bit more interesting than just plain grey. The cloak was Scab Red with Blood red sprayed onto the upper folds. Blazing Orange was used to highlight the edges The metallics were nothing special, just silver with an earthshade wash, and gold (any gold will do) with a sepia wash followed by an earthshade was directly in the recesses.

After an black ink wash into all the recesses, I cleaned up any overspill with white spirit, then highlighted the armour with Slaanesh grey on the extreme edges.

I was thinking of making a tutorial on how I paint Black Legion...hopefully, someone is interested...

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